Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kid Pictures -June 2012

Britton mowed the lawn at church on his day off last week, so we drove through McD's on the way, had a picnic and let the kids run while he worked.  It was a gorgeous day so the pictures turned out well.  (click on the pictures for a slideshow that allows you to enlarge them)
 Lara, almost 8
 Millie, 2 months
 Emma, 9
 Hyrum, 3
 Ian, almost 5
 Elias wouldn't come close or stand still for a photo, but I was able to catch him smiling.
 Millie awake (from another time/day) with a smile. ;)
 Millicent just before her baby blessing on Easter Sunday in her beautiful dress from Grandma.
 When kids whine "I want..." to Grandma she frequently says "I want to see black bears!" in response.  The kids tell me sometimes she says "brown bears" instead.  So when I asked them what we should give Grandma for her birthday, Lara came up with the bear idea.  Mine (or Millie's?) at the top left, Lara's top right (those wings are "hairs"), Ian's center left, Hyrum's center right, Emma's bottom left, and Elias' bottom right.


Our friends gave us a playhouse that was on their property, free for the moving...many had even been willing to pay for it previously but after seeing it, weren't up for the task of moving it.  My brother just happened to be in town, and we have a big flat-bed truck, so we wrangled my brotthers into helping us pick it up on Saturday.

It took 4 men to get it on the truck and only 2 to get it off and set up.  Whoever built it was serious about their play houses!  The floor is 6' x 8' with maybe 4' sidewalls.
 The goat kid fencing had to be moved, and Britt attached the swingset to the right side of the building (so it wouldn't be over the garden on the left).  The swings are way too high, but the kids had a bblast on them yesterday anyway.  They love the fireman pole out the back door...not sure if I do though!