Thursday, March 3, 2016

Muskeg Farm Moves to Missouri!

Well, it is high time this blog become what it was originally intended to be: Less about illness and more about life!  So with that, I am announcing to those who haven't found out elsewhere that we are MOVING!

We bought 9 acres in central Missouri at the end of last year and are moving there in just a couple weeks.  We also bought a used trailer, which we will be fixing up, as temporary housing (and a future guest house?) until we get our permanent, larger home built.

After replacing the kitchen and making sure all utilities are running smoothly (more about that below) in the trailer, our priority will be building a small (8 x 12 or 12 x 12) barn and fencing for goats and our Rosie dog (Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog). We've reserved two doelings from a goat breeder local to our property there and they are just the bees knees (haven't met them yet, but I know their lines and have seen pictures).  They're adorable bottle-fed babies and we are all quite excited about them.  Britton's brother and his family are driving over from Indiana to help build the barn and fencing, and to spend Easter Weekend with us.  He has another brother that has moved just about two hours South of our property in Missouri with his family, and they are hoping to join us as well that weekend, but they will be moving from a rental to their own property about that time so those plans are up in the air.  If that, and the house remodel work are completed to a sufficient level at this point, then we have plans to get guinea fowl and chickens shortly after arriving, too.  There is a partially unfinished shed that I'm planning to finish into a chicken coop for birds.  We think we'll also put up some fencing for them, though they'll likely free-range at least during the Summer (or once large enough if we start with baby chicks).  Having that fencing means we can close them in when we go on a trip, or for any other reason.  And, wonder of all wonders, there is a small livestock swap meet just minutes from our home about two weeks after we get to Missouri where we can acquire such birds with plenty of options to choose from!

Other outdoor plans for our property include starting up some straw bale gardening, planting the start of an orchard, starting rows of berries, building a deck for outdoor space, building a fire pit for fun, cleaning up the property, a swing set for kids, maybe a flower garden for the girls, picking a "mining" location for the boys, maybe building a woodworking shed, a wood storage shed, or even starting on the foundation of our permanent home?  None of these things have to happen this Summer, but they are all in the realm of possibility, and that is exciting.

Indoor plans are extensive but the square footage is small and we've done all this kind of work before.  We plan to Kilz prime every surface of the trailer including the layers of wallpaper that can't be removed without replacing the drywall too.  Then we'll cover the walls with a thin and paintable  paneling, paint the rooms, and add flooring (it is getting new subfloor before we arrive, but even that is getting KILZ'd).  We will be replacing almost the entire kitchen.  I think the only things we're keeping at this point are the oven (not sure on that one) and the cabinetry, though they need painting, extending for a built-in dishwasher space, and I might make the uppers doorless...not sure yet.  We will be pulling out the creepy, old, and not even vented hood, we may put in a deeper sink, we will buy a new kitchen faucet, we will be putting in new counter tops (we're leaning towards butcher block), we'll be buying a fridge, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer...and like I said, possibly a new oven (and freezer if we can fit it in the space available!).  There are also two windows we will likely be replacing, as it appears there has been a leak there before.  We'll need to make entry steps and landings.  There actually is a decent deck on the property just detached from the getting-scrapped-trailer and upside down that we can likely use with some pier blocks, beams, stairs and railing.  We probably should replace some light fixtures, and we'll be adding in some window A/C units to help us with the heat this Summer too.

There is a lot to be done, but we are quite excited at all the possibilities.  Heck, I'm just excited that the kids and I will be able to spend so much more time outside...and have our own large piece of land to explore and enjoy.  Oh, and real produce.  Did I mention that yet?  YUM!

Things have just really fallen into place in a miraculous way, and continue to do so.  I don't know what the future holds, but right now it looks so promising and inviting.  I'll try to remember to update on projects and adventures along the way so you can join in on the fun...because as my new favorite pun says, Missouri loves company!