Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things do get better...

I'm down 28lbs since my Cushing's Disease symptoms went away. I've been steadily dropping a few pounds a month without effort. Crazy how much damage high cortisol can do! And crazy how much improvement bringing cortisol into normal range can do!

For the record, the weight is only one in a large list of symptoms, and while it is the most visible, it is by no means the most dangerous or problematic -most of us "Cushies" would take plain old fat over the disease any day.

There were so many years of judgment and blame (this readers theater monologue can give you an idea of just how hard that is/was). The credit for the weight gain wasn't mine, and neither is this loss.

As of a month ago I was still only able to walk about 200 steps a day and I haven't been dieting one iota. This loss is pure hormone balance and healing.

Today I went looking back through my symptom tracking and I am back to a weight I haven't seen since November 2013! I have had some improvement in energy finally this past month (though overdid it a Magic and am still paying for that). I have a long way to go, but hopefully I can start building back muscle, start cooking and cleaning and doing things I enjoy again, and maybe even start burning fat and building muscle faster WITH effort soon.