Monday, April 6, 2015

Cushing's Jeopardy:

Cushing's Disease for 600, Alex!

What is the worst disease you've never heard of?

Which illness is diagnosed through serial 24 hour urinary free cortisol tests, midnight salivary cortisol tests, midnight serum cortisol tests, 24 hour 17 hydroxycorticosteroid tests, a few adrenalcorticotropic hormone tests and a very specialized pituitary MRI?

What was called "the most morbid of diseases?"

Which condition is marked by a disruption in the diurnal rhythm (days and nights flipped)?

What illness can be debilitating and fatal if untreated?

Which disease is too rare for a patient have?

What has frequently been referred to as the ugly disease?

Which condition has a higher recurrence rate the longer you follow patients after remission?

What illness can cause stretch marks, uncontrollable weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, infertility, acne, high blood sugar, brain fog, emotional instability, and high blood pressure?

Which type of Cushing's Syndrome is caused by tumors on the pituitary?

What disease has a common body shape of central obesity and moon facies with thinning arms and legs?

Which condition shrinks your brain due to excess stress hormone?

For what surgery do neurosurgeons enter your skull base through your nose?

What illness can cause osteoporosis, thinning skin, and muscle wasting in the young?

Which disease is found undiagnosed in 2-4% of the diabetic population?

What condition is not as rare as it is rarely diagnosed?

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