Monday, April 13, 2015

Pushing yourself

I've missed a few days, SORRY!  We were out of town on a crazy-busy trip where I didn't even see a computer (even though we brought a laptop with us!), and I was very, very exhausted and sore when I got home.  I went AI one night on our trip, hard and fast, and that was scary.  I had to stress-dose before I could sleep, wait for it to "wake me up" a bit...I'd really say it was more like it made my head less sludgy and more clear.  Then I went to sleep and slept well. 

So yesterday I just stayed in bed to try to recover from the trip.  If it weren't for my doctor's appointment this morning, I would definitely have preferred to stay in bed as long as possible today.

In relating my experience to my friends, one responded: "Making yourself do stuff is a good reminder of how little your body can actually do without falling apart."  Wow.  I expected the soreness and tiredness, but was shocked at just how sore and exhausted I was.  And, the AI wasn't so pleasant, just sayin'.  All my life I was the kind of person who'd just push to get the job done, but Cushing's eventually made that impossible.  If I push myself, I crash...and it's the kind of crash that can be life-threatening, and even with the proper medication, can take many days to really fully recover from. 

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